'Quilla Constance over-identifies with the failures of the Punk movement and through this accelerates her rundown DIY aesthetic which operates as a viral infection within the easily consumed contemporary pop scene'

Kirsten Cooke, artist, curator, PhD candidate University of Reading and co-author of the project Material Conjectures

Quilla Constance, 'QC', is the creation of artist Jennifer Allen.

QC over-identifies with an 'exotic' militant punk persona to
traverse pop culture and interrogate category-driven capitalist

QC formulates a critique via an interdisciplinary practice of
paintings, lectures, photographs, costumes, live performances
and music videos.

QC is deployed by Allen to locate points of agency for the
negotiation of black female identities within high art and majority

Copyright Quillatunes 2015

'Quilla Constance Performance Painting'
Photo by Andrew Crowe